Our Presence

Formed in 2001, All India Senior Citizens Confederation – AISCCON as it is popularly known, has grown to be a national organisation to bring together and represent senior citizens across India. Today AISCCON has Federations / Associations affiliated with it from more than 25 States;

Andhra Pradesh, India

Assam, India

Bihar, India

Chhattisgarh, India

Goa, India

Gujarat, India

Haryana, India

Himachal Pradesh, India

Jharkhand, India

Karnataka, India

Madhya Pradesh, India

Maharashtra, India

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Odisha, India

Rajasthan, India

Tamil Nadu, India

Uttar Pradesh, India

Uttarakhand, India

West Bengal, India

Kerala, India

Mizoram, India

Manipur, India