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Jyeshtha Nagarik BhawanThe All India Senior Citizens’ Confederation (AISCCON) is a national level organization of senior citizens with affiliate federation members and individual members numbering more than 10 lakhs in various states and union territories of the country. It is the largest organization of senior citizens in the country; it devotes itself to networking, advocacy and research on the issues concerning welfare and development of senior citizens with governments at both the state and national level. The organization also provides service activities including health care (Physio-therapy services, eye care services and other advisory) services.

AISCCON is currently the single largest federated body representing nearly five lakhs senior citizens. We are an independent, non-political, non-religious body with the welfare of Senior citizens as our goal.

AISCCON is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 and the Bombay Public Trusts Act, 1950. Donations to AISCCON are eligible to Income-tax Exemption under Section 80G.

Since 2002 AISCCON publishes a monthly Newsletter “AISCCON News“. Through its columns it is creating awareness among Senior Citizens and also informing them about developments regarding Senior Citizens in India and abroad.

AISCCON holds an all India annual Conference “National Conference of AISCCON“.


  • To be a prime organisation in India ensuring purposeful and dignified life with care and love for Senior Citizens and
  • To help organise the Senior Citizens in the country and to get them affiliated through Associations and Federations to the Confederation


  • To be a Civil Society for all ages in India for welfare of Senior Citizens and in particular to ensure sustainable quality and dignity of their life
  • To create an environment where seniors live with self-respect dignity and confidence and participate in overall progress of the society
  • To utilise rich experience and vast knowledge of seniors to improve the life style of public in general and Senior Citizens in particulars both in rural and urban areas

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